Cereal Killer The Game is the ultimate house party game

The game for silly people who enjoy a laugh at their friends and family. Taking turns, step up to the Tower game box and bend, bite and pick it up using only your mouth! It gets harder at every turn.

Reach all 7 levels and win! Be the Cereal Killer by picking up the final test of the coveted trophy spoon.

Want a harder challenge? Cereal Killer The Game comes with 4 ways to play.

This game guarantees hours of fun, belly’s full of laughter, and a good chance that your pants may split. Test your flexibility or see just how far your WILL takes you.

Fun for all ages, for groups of any size.


In teams, go head to head, attacking each level. First team to the bottom wins!

Challenge your mate to the Boss or Rookie moves. Play each level as fast as you can & win.

Test your agility, flexibility & focus. Advanced challenges at each level found on the Tower game

The original. Using only your mouth pick up the box, tearing away each of the 7 levels. Reach the spoon & win.

Cereal Killer the Game, is a twist on the classic, Cereal Box Game. A game that is suitable and fun for all ages. Play Cereal Killer the Game  - a party game that will entertain your friends and family – great for a house party or any event.

Ages 10+. Unlimited players. For full game details please find enclosed in your purchase of the Cereal Killer Game.

Killers who care

Game materials recyclable and prize spoon biodegradable. Play safely following government guidelines in regard to social distancing restrictions.

Cereal Killer the Game has everything you need and more. Comes with two Cereal Killer game boxes, detailed games card with 4 ways to play. Prize Cereal Killer the Game spoon and fun #mugshot for you to promote your winner. Easy to user perforations makes the game fun and fair.

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Chance to win a custom drawn character and be featured on our game.

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Meet the founders who created the Cereal Killer the Game – a twist on an old classic, cereal box game.

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